Abrasive tools and accessories

 Abrasive tools and accessories

PCD (PolyCrystalineDiamond) inserts

  • our standard is an insert plate of around 13, 2 x 3 mm Ø (13 mm Ø in a thickness of 3, 2 mm)
  • Coated with an about 1 mm thick diamond grit size 30 to 100 mesh
  • special sizes on your request

Industrial power brushes

available with different metal wires in different widths, straight and waved as well as mounted pencil brushes, cup brushes and wheel brushes up to 500 mm Ø

Contact wheels for belt sander

  • rubber and vulcolan coated smooth or groved
  • hardness from 45 to 100 shore
  • from 40 to 100 mm Ø with bearing shaft of M14 or M16
  • and in wider diameters on an aluminium core