Grinding wheels

Grinding wheels

Vitrified grinding wheels

MALIBO delivers

  • for stationary machines, for cylindrical and surface grinding and tool grinding
  • in all kinds of abrasives: aluminium oxide, silicon carbide and the new ceramics grain
  • Ø up to 900 mm
  • normally from grain 24 to 240 (for special application)
  • hardness “H” (soft) to “R” (hard)
  • structure 4 (closed) to 10 (open)

Resinoid grinding wheels

MALI BO delivers

  • for stationary and hand machines, for cylindrical and rough grinding of all usual kinds of abrasive grains as aluminium oxide, silicon carbide and also zirconium
  • Ø up to 600 mm
  • for working speed up to 80 m/s in reinforced quality
  • in grit size 10 to 180
  • hardness “J” (soft) to “T” (hard)

Flex weels

grinding and cut-off-wheels for angel grinder:
  • Rough grinding wheels
  • Cut-off-wheels
  • Flap discs