MALI BO - Your polishing and grinding partner

Grinding wheels

  • Vitrified grinding wheels
  • Resinoid grinding wheels
  • FLEX wheels

Mounted points

  • Vitrified mounted points
  • Resin bonded mounted points
  • Sharpening stones

Coated abrasives

  • Endless belts
  • Abrasive sheets
  • Abrasive discs

Polishing Tools

  • Flap wheels
  • Abrasive spiral bands and cups
  • Non woven abrasive tools

Tungsten Carbide burrs

  • with simple, cross and ALU cut
  • with shank Ø 3,6 und 8 mm x length 40 to 250 mm

Abrasive tools & accessories

  • PCD Polycrystaline Diamond inserts
  • Industrial power brushes
  • Contact wheels for belt sander

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Manufacturing of precision turned and milled parts

according to your guidelines, drawings or norms