Manufacturing of precision turned and milled parts

Manufacturing of precision turned and milled parts

MALI BO has a cooperation with an mechanical engineering company and offers a manufacturing of mechanical reserve parts out of metal. We produce according to your guidelines, drawings, technical data or norms. Blank parts are ready to fit up to a diameter of 640 mm

  • CNC-machines
  • CNC-milling machines
  • CNC-turning machines
  • CNC-band saw

in large quantities, medium and smaller quantity or even single parts, mechanically machined an surface processing

Service range of mechanical plant:

  • Turning
    different details to Ø max 640 mm, L max 3000 mm
  • Milling
    machinig centres (CNC) tabel Dimension 1200 x 560 mm
  • Drilling
    drills and drilling mills holes to Ø50 mm max table dimension 550 x 400 mm
  • Grinding
    Surface grinder working space: table 200 x 500 mm or Ø250 mm
  • Cutting bars/profiles
    Cutting range profiles Ø330mm square 330 x 330 mm
  • Smoothing, Trimming
    Length of parts to 250 mm