Schleifmittel Vertrieb und Zubehör

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Turned and milled parts made of steel

As a service provider in the field of contract manufacturing, we are happy to offer you CNC turned and milled parts. With the most modern CNC machines we manufacture CNC parts from the field of metalworking according to your drawings, templates, samples. Our production platform can deliver high-quality metal CNC parts as individual parts, small series, custom-made products.

CNC parts data sheet

Turned Parts  
Available diameters  2 -700 mm  
Available length  0,5 -3000mm
Tolerance  +/- 0,02 mm 
Milled parts  
x-axis 1500 mm   
y-axis 700 mm
z-axis 700 mm 
 +/- 0,02 mm 
 Materialien Steel, tool steel, gunmetal, stainless steel

MALI BO company offers you immediate price calculation, fast production.

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