Schleifmittel Vertrieb und Zubehör

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Endless belts

  • in aluminium oxide, siliconcarbide, zirkonia, special ceramic grain and compact grain
  • on high flexible cotton and high resistant polyester backing, but also on different other paper backings
  • in grit size (16) 24 to 600 and for special use up to 2000
  • resin bonded and with special “top size”
  • for metal as well as for woodworking

Abrasive sheets

  • with aluminium oxide and silicon carbide
  • on high flexible cotton and stiff polyester cloth as wheel as on paper backing
  • resin bonded and waterproof
  • standard size 230 x 280 mm, and all kinds of sheets

Abrasive discs

  • on paper and cloth backing as well as on woven material together with self fastening pads

Fibre discs

  • on high resistant fibre from o,4 to o,8 mm thickness with aluminium oxide and zirconium for all kinds of angle grinders up top 80 m/s operating speed in the dimension 115, 127, 150 180 und 230 mm Ø with standard hole of 22 mm with slots

Flap discs

  • mainly with zirconium cloth (blue) but also with aluminium oxide cloth (brown) In the standard dimension 115, 127, 150, 180 mm Ø with 22 mm hole in flat and conical type

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