Schleifmittel Vertrieb und Zubehör

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Flap wheels

  • made out of aluminium oxide cloth (brown) and non woven material as well as a mixture of both, mainly in grit 40 and 80 but also in all other grit sizes up to grit 320
  • from a diameter from 20 mm Ø up to 100 mm in a with from 10 to 50 mm with shanks 6 and 8 mm Ø from 40 to 250 mm length
  • without shanks we can also deliver flap wheels up to 400 mm Ø

Abrasive spiral bands and cups

  • As conical and cylindrical cartridge rolls and abrasive cones made from Aluminium oxide cloth brown (resin bonded) from grit 40 to 320

Non woven abrasive tools

  • We supply in „A“aluminium oxide (red/brown) and „C“silicon carbide (green/black
  • in sheets, stripes, roll, endless belts, discs and flap discs
  • in the grit sizes coarse, medium, fine and superfine (very fine)

Imprint: MALI BO - Schleifmittel Vertrieb und Zubehör – Dr. Malinowska-Bothe – T. 0234 79 32 90